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All About 12 Zodiac Signs in Astrology

Today we would discuss what is the significance and characteristics of 12 Zodiac signs which is also known as Rashis in Vedic term. All the 12 zodiac signs governs the special characterises according to their planetary positions and in native’s horoscope as per astrology.

Each zodiac sign signifies its own strength and weakness which can be term as uccha graha and neech graha as per Vedic astrology. Moreover each sign also denotes its own classified nature of elements that is Air, Fire, Water and Earth which also denotes essential energy traits in native’s horoscope.

All the 12 Zodiac signs helps us to get reveal deeper insight of Life, Style, Nature even special qualities and talent in native’s horoscope. Let us try to study all about 12 different zodiac signs (rashis) and their significance in astrology from the following tables.

Aries or Mesh

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