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venus is the karaka of marraige in Astrology

Venus also known Shukracharya is the lord of the demons. Lord Shiva made him the lord of wealth and not only wealth Venus rules over medicines, mantra, and juices (rasas). His power is immense. Venus represents pleasure, love,happiness, and desires. Venus is art, music, theatre, glamour, beauty, flower, good taste, luxuries and all material wealth.

In astrology Planet Venus play a vital role in bringing in material wealth and luxuries in a natives life. Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

Venus looks after the profession like hotels, restaurants, resorts, theatre, music, film industry, photography, beauty parlor, jewelers, cosmetics, astrology etc. All artistic work comes under Venus. Venus makes native creative in art work.

People who maintain a luxurious lifestyle, actors and actress,, models, fashion designers, intellectuals who influence society with their speech or writings, politicians with charisma have good placement of Venus in their chart.

Marriage life can also be seen from Venus. If Venus is well placed it will give all marital pleasure to the native. On the contrary if it is afflicted or badly placed it can hamper the smooth running of a marriage.

Venus rules over reproductive system, bladders, kidney, pancreas, nose, chin, throat, and eyes. Gem related to Venus is diamond and white sapphire. Its day is Friday.

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